Is Your Property Eligible for Solar Panel Incentives in Ireland?

Are you looking to install solar panels in your home in Ireland? With the right incentives and subsidies, you can make solar energy more affordable and easier to access. NY-SUN is a dynamic partnership between the public and private sectors that works to reduce the cost of solar energy for New York residents. In Ireland, the Minister of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O'Brien, has enacted a revised law on urban exemptions for the installation of solar panels on the roofs of houses and some non-domestic buildings. The Irish Sustainable Energy Authority (SEAI) also offers two grant options for homeowners who want to install solar energy panels in their homes.

Before you start your solar panel installation project, it's essential to determine if your property is eligible for government incentives or subsidies. Professional installers will assess your property to decide how many solar panels you'll need and if your current roof structure can house the solar system. Solar panels are suitable for all types of homes, but the type of roof you have will be a key factor, as they are not suitable for all types of roofs, especially older ones. Solar-exempt projects located within a sun-protection zone for all different classes of housing must be notified to the planning authority within 4 weeks of the start of the project.

Clouds can filter out some of the brightness, which can sometimes reduce efficiency, but don't worry, your solar panels are still working. Even with the shortest and darkest days of winter, solar panels will continue to work, although with lower production than in the summer months. While your home may not benefit from direct sunlight during the day, solar panels can work with indirect sunlight, so the benefits are plentiful. With NY-SUN's incentives and financing options, you can reduce the cost of buying and installing solar energy in your home.

Are you wondering if your property is eligible for government incentives or subsidies for installation of a system of solar panels in Ireland? If so, contact a professional installer who can evaluate your property and provide you with more information about available grants and financing options. With NY-SUN's help, you can make solar energy easier and more affordable for yourself and your family.